Gallery Open Again, Affiliates Please Read!

By in January 13, 2013 • Filed in: Gallery, Site News

The gallery is open again!

All the images that had the original unmarked version left has been restored with that one, and I also generated higher quality thumbnails.


In the other news… the holidays being over, I changed themes both here on the main site and the gallery to regular ones. You’ll also notice a lot of the pages here on the main site have been rearranged. I added in the Contact Form which I noticed wasn’t working.

About affiliates… I went through our affiliates as I added them in the affiliates management script I always use, and removed everyone who wasn’t currently linking back to The Vampire Diaries Online. If your site was in maintenance mode when I tried to check you out, you’re still listed as you were before and I’ll recheck you at a later date :) 

Also note, if your site was previously listed as Family (most likely because you’re one of the previous owners of this site) you’re now listed as Elite Affiliate (as long as you’re linking back to us), because I’ll be using the Family category for my own sites because that’s what I usually do. 

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